An Online Pet Store

Priyanka S Gowda, Vamsi Krishna M, Harshitha K B, Parikshit Sarode, Surekha Thota


The current difficulties in purchasing pets on any pet store for customers includes a dire task to hunt for pet stores in real life which may or may not satisfy user needs. To handle this problem online pet store is developed with the help off web technologies. We propose an online method of purchasing pets by using web technologies by creating an interactive website. Online pet store is developed using scripting languages for front end and server-side programming. It makes use of a relational database to keep a well-defined record of all the pets available on the store for sale. The online transactions are done by using a payment gateway which accepts debit or credit cards for payment. Any user can register to the website and the details are then entered in the website database, which are used to verify the user and maintaining proper logs.


pet, store, online, website

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