Akash Shukla, Himanshu Sharma, Ankita Singh, Aftab Ahmad


The rapid evolution in wireless technologies and communication devices brings the world in the new generation of Internet and telecommunication. IOT (Internet of Things) is one of most trending innovation in the latest advancement in the technologies. The tremendous growth in up-gradation of hardware‟s, enhancement of software‟s and networking has made an easy way to support IOT technologies. Earlier with the introduction with mobile phones, computers laptops, user prefer to obtain information from wandering environment and are restricted to only mobile devices or combined resources. Now, , IOT has made an innovation in the field of Artificial intelligence that will amplify all the things with wireless communication. From washing machine to toasters, from AC‟s to led lamps, everything around us is becoming “smarter” day by day. In this paper, we will analyse the critical impact of IOT in future aspects. We will provide a quick overview about the future of IOT along with insight to artificial intelligence.. The IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), together play a vital role in the c oming years.



Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless sensor Networks, Future of Internet, Intelligent sensors.

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