Akshat Kumar, Jitendra Kurmi


Unmanned Surface Vehicle is the dimension of robotics and wireless sensor network on the water surface. Many countries are continuously developing USVs for the defense and research purposes in water bodies. This paper addresses the year wise study of some popular USVs. As the computer developed with respect to its generation, the efficiency of the USVs also got enhanced. Broadly water is categorized into two categories as salt water and fresh water. Both water bodies are different in their properties like size, salinity, pH level and ecology. In the same way, the vehicle’s design, sensors for navigation, motor control, and others parameters get changed. The USA played an important role in developing unmanned Surface vehicles. This paper briefs about the gradual improvisation in the field of USV with respect to development in the computers and its generations. It is an interesting fact that the application domain of USVs is shifted from war zone to human's afflux.



Sensors, Surface Vehicles, Unmanned Vehicles, Water Drone

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