D Naresh Kumar, V Arun, T Nagarjuna


The main aim of this paper is to create Automatic lawn movervictimization Lab view.  The remote Lawnmower could be a machine to create cutting grass method easier. The lawnmower's movement are going to be controlled victimization   RF remote, wherever the transmitter circuit are going to be placed at the remote whereas the receiver circuit are going to be placed at the lawnmower. The signal are going to be transfer from the remote to the lawnmower by the antenna Joystick and also the signal transfer is victimization frequence signal (RF). RF is kind of effective in long distance and also the parts are low cost and straightforward to induce within the market. duringthis paper, transmitter and receiver circuit is build to manage the movement of the garden tool, motor and also the rotation of the blade. H-Bridge association is employed within the circuit so as to manage the lawnmower's movement whether or not to be slow or quick. There are 2 varieties of motor employed in this paper and each of it's DC motor


There are 2 varieties of motor employed in this paper and each of it's DC motor

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