Dilpreet Kaur, Sheetal Kundra


MANET is a self-configuring network, in which topology is dynamic. These nodes are struggling to cope with the normal effect of radio communication channels, multi-user interference, multi-path fading etc. The design of an optimum routing protocol for MANET is highly difficult. To determine the connectivity of network organizations, there is a need for an efficient algorithm link scheduling, and routing in such dynamic scenarios, becomes very important. The efficiency of a routing algorithm depends on the proficient and winning route computation. Usually, the shortest path algorithm is a successful method to calculate the optimal way in static networks. But this idea is not possible in MANET platform. There are many factors which can be considered for routing. Multihop paths are used in MANET for interconnecting the nodes. All the nodes are present in the network which are used for path construction for delivering a packet from source to destination node.



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