Videos on Demand for Mobile Users: a Study of Community Cloud Architecture with the use of Grid Virtualization

V. Balasubramanian, K.Udaya Pavan Kumar


Mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs are being used by everyone in nowadays. But these mobile devices have limited storage. Reducing the storage constraint in mobile devices is a useful issue. Cloud computing has been the most prevalent technology and the advent of this with mobile devices can efficiently address the storage and processing constraints of mobile devices. Providing the required data on demand
(when requested by user) from a cloud environment reduces the need to store the data in mobile devices. Community cloud architectures address this requirement. Community clouds are formed by sharing the infrastructure between different organizations having same business goals and requirements. This paper presents a community cloud architecture, making use of grid architectures for sharing the infrastructure and also provides its pros and cons along with the case study of videos on demand as a service.


Community clouds, Cloud with Grid architectures, Mobile Clouds, On demand Services, cloud virtualization

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