Cloud Computing: Major Challenges and Counter Acts

M Abdul Jawad


Although Cloud Computing has remarkably provided us easy accessible, manageable and maintainable resources at effective costs, but due to the fact that all or multiple users are allocated with the similar resources present security threats to the cloud subscribers. It is well known fact that in cloud paradigm, the data and applications are always under the control of third party, which give rise to serious concerns among the cloud subscribers. Cloud computing attracts the attention of research community due to its potential to provide tremendous benefits to the industry and cloud subscribers, but it lingers because of the security, privacy, and trust issues with Cloud subscribers. If Cloud Service Provider‘s (CSP’s) are being able to provide efficient security tools, the utilization of services will rise exponentially. This paper provides state of the art of major security challenges in the cloud paradigm and the countermeasures to counteract with the security breaches.


Cloud security, Cloud service provider (CSP), Cloud Subscriber, Cloud Paradigm, Cloud Administrator

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