ABHIKRITI NARWAL, Sunita Dhingra, Sunita Dhingra


Cloud computing is another pattern rising concept in IT industry with immense inevilability of framework furthermore, resources. Cloud computing is build up by conglomerating two terms in the area of innovation. Initial is Cloud and second is computing. Cloud comprises of heterogeneous assets. It is a work of immense framework with no significance with name "Cloud". Load Balancing is a vital part of distributed computing scenario. Productive load adjustment plan guarantees effective asset usage by provisioning of assets to cloud client's on-request premise in pay-as-you-use. Load Balancing may indeed, even help organizing clients by applying proper planning criteria. This paper presents a review on load balancing methods in cloud computing with its various techniques. The objective of this paper is to study the various existing load balancing techniques on various parameters utilized to compare the current techniques with each other.


cloud computing, load balancing, virtual machine, pay-as-you-use.

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