Aarvi Thadeshwar, Sanyamee Patel, Dhruvi Patel, Ratnesh Chaturvedi


The need for biometrics is rising with an increased need for security in every organization of the world. Every attribute, fingerprint, iris, knuckle print, face, palm print, is unique to an individual and can aid in recognition. Unimodal biometric systems involve the use of a single biometric attribute for identification. However, with the rise of duping, there is a requirement for constructing an efficient system using multiple biometric attributes. In multimodal systems, fusion of various biometric identities into a single vector is done using algorithms. This paper covers several different techniques used for biometric authentication. These use varying numbers of attributes. Our future project focuses on the research of different techniques of multimodal recognition in order to devise a technique that is robust and has an increased efficiency in recognition and identification.


Unimodal biometrics; Multimodal Biometrics; Feature Vector; Fusion level; Score level; Decision Level

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