Asif Hassan Syed, tabrej khan


E-commerce in recent years has achieved huge success by providing a virtual platform to do business with great ease. In this regard, we developed an electronic portal to buy and sell medicine online to encourage the concept of e-pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a rich heritage traditional herbal medicine leading to the mushrooming of many regional pharmaceutical industries across the kingdom. However, the application of e-commerce principles in pharmacy has not been employed in Saudi Arabia. In this context, our proposed e-pharmacy portal will be first of its kind to provide customer and suppliers across the kingdom the benefits of E-pharmacy. Based on the results of the feedback from customers, retailers and suppliers across the kingdom following sustainable goals were identified: 1) the e-pharmacy web portal will allow transactions based on valid prescription, 2) the portal will allow the retailer to upload their medicine and sell them online, 3) the portal will allow the customers to avail discounts on specific medicines and do payment through PayPal a trustworthy portal for performing online money transactions. A relational database will be created and managed using MySQL and PHP a server-side scripting language will be used to build the e-pharmacy web portal. The e-pharmacy practices will provide a stepping stone for the growth of online pharmacy in the kingdom.


e-pharmacy portal, MySQL, PHP, E-commerce, prescription-based transactions

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