Towards Pattern-Based Refactoring: Abstract Factory

Davoud Keshvari Ghourbanpour, Mohammad Hossein Yektaie


Many agile software development methodologies use from refactoring process for improving codes. Amount of effort and using from
different types refactoring techniques for improving the structural models of the system vary in different projects, depending on time and
knowledge of developers and it’s not specified how much must be done for refactoring in order to deodorizing existing bad smells in codes,
clearly. Using design patterns can help refactoring process as target of refactoring for avoiding unclear process. So, when and how to apply the
design patterns in codes by pattern-directed refactoring is very important. We intent to show when and how we can refactor codes towards using
Abstract Factory design pattern and present a mechanics for that in agile software development methodologies where design models are lacking
in detail. The presented mechanics cause low cost and clear refactoring process



Keywords: Agile software development methodology; design patterns; code refactoring

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