Rishabh Jamar, Javan Rajpopat, Prathamesh Churi, Serena Lekhrajani


Data Analytics has proved to be hugely significant
in various domains of the industry. In this paper, we will explore
the use and its importance in the banking sector. The
implementation of this technology will create a win-win situation
for the company as well as the end user, re-defining the
experience as a whole. The paper answers questions like why and
how is DA a necessity in the banking industry today. It also
highlights the different areas of banking; DA can be useful.
Special emphasis is given on fraud detection, which is one of the
major problems faced by the industry. With enough proof for the
increase in the usage of this technology, millions of dollars are
regularly being invested in the Research and Development. While
exploring the cons of the process, this paper will explain the
usage of the new technology, and its fruitage with the help of
three case studies of our country. With an obvious idea of its
advantages, the disadvantages of this venture also need to be


data analytics ; banking ;

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