jadala vijaya chandra, Tingilikar Anusha, B. Prathusha


Cloud Computing emerged from the advancements of several technologies where the roots are from the mainframes supported by internet as web services along with the distributed resources. It is an advanced technology from grid computing and utility computing provides services at large scale level using different data centres for large capacity of data storage. The major challenges related to cloud computing is the security such as the network reliability, performance monitoring, scale management, quality of services, interoperability and probability. In this paper, we majorly concentrated on the network security, different procedures and mechanisms involved in defence system from risks, threats and attacks on the cloud computing and we discussed different possible vulnerabilities and malwares. We give the mathematical cryptography procedures and mechanisms for securing the network and cloud. Mathematical methods and procedures are given for Cryptographic defences against the man-in-middle attacks, spoofing attacks and transmission control protocol attacks. Experimental and statistical analysis is done, we evaluate real time challenges by designing -building a private cloud and injecting the transmission control protocol injection attacks, the observations are done along with the defence system where the graphical and statistical analysis is given.


Cloud Security, Risks, Threats, Attacks, Defences, network security, transmission control protocol, injection attacks.

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