Improved Data Security Using Steganography

TwinkalJ Patel, Chandresh D. Parekh


The use of internet has increase form last few year.The people use internet every day for data communication. Steganography and cryptography is commonly used for providing security of data in recent year.Steganography is the art and science of the hiding data. Here , we propose steganography technique which use Image as a cover medium to hide secrete message . We introduced new algorithm for Hiding file into image file in block wise manner So it increase the speed of hiding process. Content of Original file will remain as it is. The technique proposed by us also integrates cryptography with steganography by first encrypting the secret message and then hiding the encrypted secret message in image. The integration of cryptography with steganography provides an extra layer of security that ensure the safe and secure delivery of message to the intended recipient. The experimental results show that the proposed method can hide a large amount of secret data in less time as compare to other techniques.


Steganography,steganalysis,capacity,stego image quality

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