Speed Dictators For Forced Speed Limit At Critical places Using Low Cost RF Transceivers with Integrated Immobilizer

Megha Soni, Piyush Sharma


An intention to work on the topic of this nature is emanated from the interest to explore alternative technological solution to achieve effective speed control. Objective of the study is to design and develop a new system that can effectively detect speed violations on the road and supports the driver to obey traffic rules while driving by maintaining the speed according to the speed limit prescribed. In the present day scenario traffic rules are frequently violated by the drivers and over speeding occur due to bad driving behavior. So, a driver assistance system is provided to prevent over speeding, violation of road rules and also to display alert messages. The proposed system has an alerting, recording and reporting system for over speed violation management. The proposed system automatically controls the speed of vehicles at speed restricted areas such as school and hospitals. The main reason behind developing this project is to avoid accident of vehicles at speed limit zones and also to help the passengers to cross the road safely without facing any danger from high speed vehicles. Normally, the vehicle drivers not consider the passengers who crosses road in speed limited areas and drive their vehicles at high speed. So, now accidents are increasing in these areas. The traffic police control the traffic but they are not able to avoid the accidents completely. To solve this problem we developed the proposed system, which not interrupts the vehicle drivers and controls the speed of the vehicles up to certain limit in these speed restricted zones. The LCD displays the lane speed limit. Even though the traffic police controls them we cannot achieve full response from them. Also it is not possible to monitor those areas at all time to regulate their speed. This project is very useful for the common people to walk safely in the roads of speed restricted zones¬¬ and also drivers can ride their vehicles safely.


Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), Zigbee, Cruise control system (CC),Curve Warning Systems (CWS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Vechicle Overspeed RF, RF Transmitter, RF receiver.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.4139


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