Systematic Review of Smart Grid Analytics

Ashu Bhardwaj, Williamjeet Singh


Smart grids will require real-time reaction and make distribution decision very fast in order to cover unexpected demand peaks and renewable generation peaks. A smart grid should require little consumer participation. Traditionally large imbalance is the ratio of electricity consumption and electricity generation results in wasting of large quantities of electricity generated in states where generation exceeds consumption significantly. The difference between the generation and consumption is the result of system loss, uncounted loads, and lack of centralized control. The amount of available storage capacity could be not enough in order to record all the digital information generated in the world and this could turn into main triggers for a paradigm shift to Smart Grid. This systematic review focuses on electricity data analytics technologies used in previous studies. The existing work is classified into different categories. Furthermore, the paper highlights the challenges arising due to the advent of big data.


Big data analytics; Electricity; Smart Grid; Challenges; Technologies; Techniques

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