Confidentiality Estimation Model: Fault Perspective

Anshul Mishra, Dr. Devendra Agarwal, Dr. M. H. Khan


Securing software is an on-going procedure which never closes. Software security highlights must be coordinated in each level of software development life cycle. Confidentiality is key security factor to quantity of object oriented software at an early stage of software development process at design phase for high secure product. Metric based model for “Confidentiality Estimation Model” has been proposed by establishing the correlation between confidentiality and fault attributes constructs. Object oriented design metrics are used to quantify security attributes. Later confidentiality estimation model is empirically validated and statistical significance of the study considers the high correlation for model acceptance. The aim of this research work is to encourage researchers and developers for inclusion of the “Confidentiality Estimation Model (CEMOODF)” to access and highly secure at design time.


Software Security, Confidentiality, Fault Attributes, Object Oriented Design Characteristics, Design Metrics

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