Research Paper - Multi-level Secure Mechanism For Audio Watermarking

Supiksha Jain, Er. Sanjeev Indora


The information which is being transmitted from one place to another is vulnerable to various types of active and passive attacks. The security of the data and information is one of the most challenging aspects of computer communication in today’ time. Steganography & watermarking are the process of hiding information which are needed to be transferred on insure transmission medium (e.g., Internet) so that no one except sender or receiver can know the very existence of information. Audio Watermarking is the popular technique used to hide copyright information in original audio file. This technique helps to determine ownership of original creator of audio file. A hybrid method for audio watermarking (using modified Direct Sequence Spread spectrum) and cryptography (using advanced random permutation with multiple key applications) has been proposed in the current research article. The effect of cryptography is that watermark audio is encrypted so that no one understood the meaning of audio.


Audio Watermarking, Spread Spectrum, Encryption coding

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