IoT Based Shopping Store for Blind People

Anjana Jagde, Dr.Shubhangi D.C


The Internet of Things(IOT) is the system of physical items that are installed with hardware, programming, sensors, and system availability, which empowers these articles to gather and trade information. Visual impedances, and additionally other physical and intellectual incapacities, infer a specific level of reliance on others in normal errand execution, for example, shopping in a retail location or distinguish family unit stuffs independent from anyone else. The current framework is very little helpful, as it requires filtering of the scanner tag. It has a downside in light of gadget prerequisites and output exactness. Outwardly disabled individuals may have issues distinguishing the protest with which they need to interface. Generally, help from a third individual is basic in such cases, which denies the client of freedom. By utilizing IoT innovation has attempted to support the freedom of weakened. At the point when the individual stands before a rack the RFID identifier will recognize the tag the play the data about the thing and furthermore give route help to him empowering him to shop freely.


IoT, RFID detector, RFID tags, Android application, k-means algorithm, dijkstra’s algorithm

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