Secure and Energy Efficient Routing using PSO Technique in WSN



Wireless communication technology are enabling the assigning of networks of miniature sensors. These sensor network(SN) used in armed forces monitoring, industrial control, climate monitoring, product tracking, home control etc. A Sensor System is a remote, specially appointed system, made of a substantial number (hundreds or thousands) of nodes, whose locations happen randomly .Ant Colony Optimization(ACO) mainly used for optimal path selection but it is considered as low optimization with high computational cost and produce low throughput of the network(N/W).it is not very efficient technique because there is no guaranty of convergence in that point . So in proposed work, PSO utilized for the optimal route and RSA which change over the information into secure way. The simulation is done in NS2 which performed the packet transmission from the nodes to base station(BS). In that outcomes showed that we improved the arrangement of network by increase the packet delivery ratio(PDR).


Wireless Sensor Network, Base Station, K-means Clustering, PSO algorithm, RSA cryptography.

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