Statistical Review on the Demonetization in India

Dr.Mohammad Miyan


The demonetization is that the method of withdrawal of a specific style of currency from circulation. Demonetization becomes necessary whenever there's an amendment within the national currency. The recent unit of currency should be retrieved and replaced with a replacement currency unit. It involves either introducing new notes or coins of a similar denomination or fully substitution the recent denominations with the new denomination that is typically applied as ambush on the black market. In India demonetization has occurred thrice. The primary was on 12/1/1946 (Saturday), second on 16/1/1978 (Monday) and therefore the third was on 8/11/2016 (Tuesday). In the present paper, there is a survey on the effects of demonetization on the various economic factors, views of national and international economists including media and the previous demonetization in other parts of the world with their side effects. Thus, the findings of this study reveal that, India can deliver the goods a major growth by adapting the demonetization strategy and it'll produce an enormous positive impact on the whole economy in an exceedingly long-standing time.


rds: Banking system; Black money; Currency; Demonetization; World media.

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