Review on Smart Grid Attacks and their Countermeasure using Cryptography Algorithms

sumandeep kaur


Abstract: There are various technologies that are being used in many fields. With the advancement of technology existing electrical grids are converting into smart electrical grids. A smart grid is an evolved grid system that manages electricity demands in a sustainable, reliable and economical manner built on advanced infrastructure and tuned to facilitate the integration of all operations. Smart grid has effective power management, secure communication and environment friendly. But smart grid has complex architecture because there are various vendors who are involved in this. So, the biggest problem is authentication, authorization and integrity. Second problem is how to provide security for communication lines from various types of attacks. In this paper, a survey is done on various cryptographic algorithms which are used for security in smart grid. On the basis of survey, various security issues are discussed in smart grid. It has been found that lightweight algorithm is more appropriate for smart meters for less memory usage and power consumption.


Keywords: smart grid, smart meter, attacks, security, cryptography.

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