Image Watermarking using Singular Value Decomposition with integration of Particle Swarm Optimization in Discrete wavelet transform

prabhjot kaur bal


This paper proposes an additive watermarking method by using an optimization technique which make use of singular value decomposition (SVD) and makes use of Particle swarm optimization in discrete wavelet domain to enhance the watermarking scheme.SVD based watermarking Is done to provide high capacity. In order to improve the quality of images and to achieve the imperceptibility without losing robustness, an optimal scheme for embedding the secret message derived from PSO. Meanwhile PSO as a popular optimization technique and has been used as a method to balance the imperceptibility and robustness it is because PSO serves the weighting factor inside of embedding process. The proposed technique takes an advantage of Arnold transformations that provide security after successful watermark extraction.DWT is applied on the original image and the value of scaling factors to insert the watermark are obtained using PSO. Result comparisons shows that this algorithm proposed outperforms the additive work as compared to the existing algorithm.


Watermarking; Singular Value Decomposition; Particle Swarm Optimization; Arnold Transformations; Discrete wavelet transform.

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