Coordinated Approach for Energy-Aware Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Ambica Sood, Kamaljit Kaur


In the current years, the broad utilization of cloud computing in IT industry has prompted excessive utilization of energy in the host and subsequently data centres, which obviously, has turned into a matter of thought. To conserve energy in cloud, dynamic virtual machine consolidation and power aware mechanisms can be thought of one of the best strategies. In this approach, a portion of the under-stacked physical machines (PMs)are placed either into low-control mode or are turned off with the assistance of live relocation of Virtual Machines(VMs). Fault tolerance mechanism with dynamic relocation is proposed through this literature. Proposed work presents a novel approach of conserving energy considering parameters such as fan speed, temperature, power consumption and energy. Fan speed was allocated to each Virtual Machine(VM) along with temperature. Deterioration of virtual machines was detected at distinct level of examination. 1) If temperature rises above threshold value then deterioration is detected 2) Energy consumption is another criteria used to detect deterioration. Deterioration can be detected at any level and if detected, dynamic relocation through Live VM migration is done and progress monitoring mechanism is used to conserve energy. Using the approach energy efficiency is achieved along with continuous availability and reliability of services. Simulation is conducted in Netbeans with Cloudsim 3.0.3. Proposed approach conserve energy up to 25%.


Fault Tolerance; Energy efficiency; Reliability; Migration

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