A Review on Swarm Intelligence Techniques

Pooja Thakur, Chaavi Rana


Modern communication networks are getting more and more numerous and heterogeneous. this can be the consequence of the addition of associate increasing array of devices and services, each wired and wireless. the requirement for seamless interaction of various heterogeneous network parts represents a formidable challenge, particularly for networks that have historically used centralized ways of network management. this can be true for each packet- switched and virtual circuit networks, and also the web, that is changing into associate ever additional assortment of a diversity of subnets. Swarm intelligence, as incontestable by natural biological swarms, has varied powerful properties fascinating in several engineering systems, like network routing. additionally, new paradigms for planning autonomous and ascendible systems could result from analytically understanding and increasing the look principles and operations exhibited by intelligent biological swarms. Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithmic rule is associate improvement algorithmic rule supported a specific intelligent behavior of honey bees swarms. This work compares the ABC algorithmic rule therewith ACO, and Fuzzy system.


Swarm Intelligence, ACO, ABC, Fuzzy System.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3824


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