Survey on various image encryption schemed Through Chaotic Maps

MissPooja Kathil, Mr. Sachin Goyal, Mr. Ratish Agrawal


In modern days there are various image encryption techniques forecast for bringing image reliability and protection in the internet for the evolution of government, medical applications, military. In this paper, we analysed many encryptions techniques of digital image utilizing multiple chaotic map methods of demands of security side. For the protection purpose, it is more essential or encryption of image is important method for establish protection. There is multiple encryption of image techniques scheduled, every image encryption method and decryption schemes have its own strengths and defects. In the paper, focusing on approaches to encryption of an image by chaotic map and to enhance the method to solve the major issues of encryption of image techniques by chaotic map.


Chaotic-map based pixel abstraction, image encryption, image security, Image decryption, permutation, substitution.

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