An Approach to Enhance Security of Biometric System Using LSB Watermarking

Komal Komal, Dr.Chander Kant


Nowadays there is a need to build secure methods for legal distribution of content over internet. Content can be any multimedia such as video, audio, images which are available for transmission over internet. To provide protection against unauthorized copy and distribution of this content, digital watermarking techniques are used in combination with biometrics such as fingerprint, speech and iris which are unique to an individual and are not easy to alter/replace. Previously several other techniques such as DCT, DWT are used in the same context for biometric watermarking. In this paper with the vision of enhancing the security of biometric template over some insecure network, a secure and more robust LSB watermarking scheme is proposed. It is used for embedding the biometric traits into the image in different bit planes. The proposed framework is implemented using MATLAB software.


Biometrics, Spatial Domain, Least Significant Bit,Biometric Watermarking, Bit Plane

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