Review on Weighted Least Square Filter Based Pans Sharpening

Er. Jaspreet Singh, Er. Varinder Kaur Attri


This paper represents multisensory impression fusion as well as pan maintenance goals to help sharpen a new multispectral (MS) impression by including this element guide resulting from a new panchromatic (Pan) image. A intensity–hue–saturation (IHS)-based procedures are very well used throughout pan maintenance applications. IHS-based methods, minimizes the actual impact on the low-frequency pieces of this Pan as well as MS photographs while using the WLS filter. The overall objective of this paper is that pan sharpening is always to merging information and facts out of multiple images from the satellite tv check out in order to| to supply just the useful information. The literature survey is conducted on various recent techniques of pan sharpening.


Image fusion, Panchromatic and Multispectral images, Principal Component Analysis, WLS filter

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