Problems Associated with Requirement Elicitation Process: An Overview

Virendra Singh, Dr. Dhirendra Pandey



There are many problems related with requirement engineering, including problem of change in the requirement, problems of the system scope, problems of understanding among the different communities affected by the development of a given system, problems of volatility dealing the nature of requirements, problem of bias in requirement and many problem may lead to poor requirements and the cancellation of system development, or as well the development of a system that is judged later is inadequate or improper, has high maintenance costs, or undergoes numerous changes. Users identify redundant technical details that may confuse, rather than clarify overall system objectives. Also, the customers/users are not completely sure of what is needed, have a poor knowledge of the capabilities and constraints of their domain environment and they do not understand that the requirements change over time.


Requirement Elicitation, Requirement Elicitation Problems, Problem Solving

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