Detecting and Predicting Diabetes Using Supervised Learning: An Approach towards Better Healthcare for Women

Sakshi Gujral, Aakansha Rathore, Simran Chauhan


This paper aims at Detecting Diabetes with PIMA Indian Diabetes Data-set. PIMA India is concerned with women’s health. The risk of developing diabetes in Women is quite high due to various factors. Hence, the idea is to Detect and Predict this Disorder with the help of Machine Learning techniques-Support Vector Machine and Decision Trees respectively. The advantage of using these techniques is that it helps in automation of process and makes tasks like Classification, Clustering simpler. The Paper begins with the introduction and emphasize on the worst effect of the Diabetes by explaining various disorders associated with it brief Literature Survey is done to study the work done in it.Then,Section 3 describes the Proposed Approach with Pseudo Code in R Framework. The Framework is used here is R Studio for better analysis and Visualizations. Finally, Results are discussed with Conclusion and Future Scope.


PIMA, R framework,SVM,Decision Tree,Diabetes

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