Enhancement of Password Authentication System Using Recognition based Graphical password for web Application

Ms.DiptiH Dhandha, Mr. Chandresh Parekh


Authentication is most important topic in information security. Currently web applications are using text based password for authentication, but text based passwords are suffered to security and usability issues. Text passwords are vulnerable to spyware, brute force and dictionary attacks. Graphical based password is proposed to overcome vulnerabilities of text based passwords. Graphical based password authentication technique use images as a password. Psychological studies says that human mind remember images better than text. Graphical passwords are more secure than text. In this paper, we will propose recognition based graphical password scheme to provide security against spyware and shoulder surfing attacks as well as this scheme provide the two factor authentication in order to resist unauthorized users. In this scheme, at time of sign up user has to choose images from set of images given by server and at time of signing user has to recognize that images from set of images for authentication. We are using random character set generation for each image to resist shoulder surfing as well as spyware attacks. We also fetch user’s password images randomly from database to resist spyware attack.


graphical password, recognition based password, shoulder surfing, spyware, text passwords.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3657


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