Genetic Algorithm Based Routing Technique to Extend Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network

Mr. Keyur M. Rana, Dr. Mukesh A. Zaveri


Various routing protocols have been designed and developed for Wireless Sensor Networks. They face various challenges. Sensor nodes are strongly energy and storage constrained and failure rate of sensor node is very high. While sending data to the sink node, some routing mechanisms which consider all these parameters, are needed to extend life of the network. There are several techniques for routing in wireless sensor network for data gathering using aggregation and for data gathering using without aggregation. Researchers have suggested Genetic Al-gorithm (GA) based approach for extending life of wireless sensor network for data gathering with aggregation. We have proposed modified GA based approach which takes into account, data gathering without aggregation. We have used a pre-defined minimum energy level (Level1) for sensor nodes so, that they don’t participate in routing if their residual energy level is below this level and other better path is still available. If there exist no such path, then this node can be part of routing. We have also experimented for optimal value of energy level, Level1.


Keywords: Wireless sensor network; Routing; Genetic Algorithm

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