Fingertip Infotainment: A Way to Secure Information

Menal Dahiya


Modern hand held devices such as smart phones and tablet are being used extensively and their demand is increasing rapidly. A situation may arise in future where every daily activity is performed using a device like smart phone. Technology is improving in a way that it allows many technical components to be interconnected and interactions are made possible to ease the work as much as possible. Internet of things is one such technology where different components such as software, sensors, actuators, networks that enable them to collect and exchange data. It aims at bringing together multiple devices and providing services in various fields such as transport, health care, smart cities, energy resource consumption and saving etc. This paper demonstrates a device called Finger-tip infotainment which is a sub-component of Internet of Things stream. The device mainly acts as a virtual object which enables media control of a mobile device without handling mobile device physically. This device creates enabling environments by offering people with disabilities, assistance in information access and communication. The prototype used in the device makes it easy for people with impairment to carry out daily activities without much effort.


Arduino Uno; Bluetooth Transceiver; Flex Resistor; Internet of Things; Media control.

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