ManojKumar Chaudhary, Alka Alka


Empirical modeling improves software development activities by adding the capabilities in terms of computer procedures, associated documentation, and programs. The nature of software engineering is to develop, not produce and empirical is a human-based technology. Integrating empirical modeling in software development life cycle has been proved to reduce cost, time and effort. In addition, it helps to develop quality software and enhances reuse capability of software. The article includes all the associated methods of an empirical model that can help in developing new software with software engineering terminology. The empirical modeling helps in software engineering terminology for the application and tailoring of techniques, life cycle model and methods for estimating software problems, organizations, and projects. The empirical modeling is basically based on the experimental approach and relates with the applications of science and mathematics. This article is proposed for empirical methods to improve the software engineering approaches. A software engineering approach is a systematic approach for the development, operation, maintenance and termination of software. Currently, in software engineering, there is an insufficient set of models, lack of identification of limits of current technologies, lack of insufficient analysis and experimental approach. So here we introduced that why we need empirical methods for the improvement in software engineering.


Empirical modeling, adaptation, case study, focused group, observation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3567


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