An Efficient Image Watermarking using 2-DCT and 2-DWT in Color Images

Ritu Gill, Rishi Soni


Watermarking is technique to resolve copyright problems issue, however this must be determined by keeping a steady look for the robustness and imperceptibility of the watermark images which bring about to be its fundamental objectives. In this study, we presented a capable image watermarking applying two level discrete cosine and wavelet transform (2-DCWT). We worked on color images and split color image into three elements: red, green and blue. In this approach, we apply 2-DCT on red element, 2-DWT on blue and green element. We, then, have assessed the image watermarked quality which is found later than embedding watermarks by both PSNR with NC. Further, we have shown a few experiments to assess the execution of these computations regarding robustness, capacity, and inserting time. The experimental outcomes demonstrate that DWT based technique is suitable for restorative applications where inserting time and imperceptibility are prime concerns.


2-DWT, 2-DCT, PSNR, NC, Digital Watermarking

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