A Novel technique (Trick) to determine the output and draw its waveform of Diode Clamper Circuits

HariMohan Rai, Arpita Gupta


This paper describes a unique approach to draw the output waveform of the diode clamper circuits. This method does not require solving the problem using conventional method, without solving or applying numerical approach, the output of the clamper circuit can be found and output waveform can be drawn accurately. That means, without solving the diode clipper circuits we can find the output waveform as well as output voltage of the diode clamper circuits. This unique approach is based on practical observation (trick) and verified by using conventional method by applying KVL to the given circuits.This method is applicable for solving and finding the output waveform of all types of clamper circuits (biased and unbiased). This technique can also be used to solve the biased Clamper circuit which uses practical diode like Silicon or Germanium diode. The waveform and the output of the diode clamper circuit obtained is exactly same which was obtained using conventional method with 100% accuracy.


Diode Clamper, Electronics Device, Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, Unbiased clamper, Biased Clamper, Output Waveform.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3521


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