An Efficient Hierarchical Parsing Technique Using LR Research Paper

Deepa Bura, Poonam Nandal, Meeta Singh


- In recent years, Natural Language Processing techniques have been most widely used in various fields like Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning etc. Parsing is one of the important steps when dealing with the processing of natural language. In general, the World Wide Web in which information is present majorly in the form of natural language. This natural language information needs to be dealt properly for tasks like Crawling, Indexing, Ranking etc. Firstly, while parsing the text written in natural language we van follow either the Top-down approach or Bottom-up Approach for validating the text according to the grammar rules specified for it. In this paper, we have given a technique for parsing the natural text following the bottom-up approach. The proposed technique will construct a tree of the natural text by first identifying the fundamental units and then constructing the tree by identifying further higher-order structure entities. It has been found that the proposed technique will produce an efficient parse tree in terms of time complexity.


Hierarchical, Parsing, Natural languages Processing, Bottom-Up, Parse-Tree

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