Security of Private Cloud with Log Analysis and Encryped Channel

Kuntal Shah, Prof. Chandresh Parekh, Asst.Prof. Bhadresh Gohil


With the help of private cloud it is easy to share the files, folders and mails in private network. Current security techniques just encrypt the file with password and share the password with another channel, but guessing of password is the main attack in this type of system. Sometimes due to the unencrypted channel man-in-the-middle attack is also possible. Another main problem is automated scanners which are used to find the vulnerability in the system and exploitation. So there is a need of system which can resist to the attacks like man-in-the-middle, denial of service and password guessing. We have suggested log based analysis method which will protect the system from the attacks like denial of service and password guessing and automated scanners. We are also using encrypted channel so that attacks like man-in-the-middle cannot be possible.


Asymmetric cryptography; Cloud; open Source; Software based key generation;

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