An enhanced approach in Image Mosaicing using ORB Method with Alpha blending technique

Kajal Chaudhari, Dweepna Garg, Ketan Kotecha


Image mosaicing is one of the ongoing area of research of computer graphics and computer vision. One of the popular techniques of image mosaicing is image stitching. There are mainly two approaches namely direct techniques and feature based technique. In direct technique, the intensity of the pixels of the image is compared with each other, and feature based techniques determines the relationship between images based on the features extracted from the processed images. This paper mainly focuses on individual algorithms of feature detectors and descriptors. The steps of image mosaicing are highlighted and the results are compared. The image is fed as the input. The ORB feature extraction method with Alpha blending technique extracts the features from the image. The third step computes the extracted features using homography. Then after the features are mapped with respect to the input image and blending of the image is carried out. The last step an image masaicing system depicted the final output.


Image Mosaicing, Feature based approach, Feature detection and description, Blending

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