Motion sensor and face recognition based surveillance system Using Raspberry Pi

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B Madhuravani
Dr. P. Bhaskara Reddy
M. Rashmika


An intelligent surveillance system is a smart monitoring system which is developed from the security point of view. The objective of this project is to develop a system that monitors the area in which it is being implemented. An Intelligent surveillance system is applicable in the area where no one is permissible to enter, also where we need to detect if any motion has been done. For this a digital camera is used. By combining the PIR sensor and camera we can use this system to detect the motion. The Camera is used to catch the live images of the area in which it is being implemented, if any object is moving. The captured images are stored in a particular folder. The stored images will be then useful to work on.. As the PIR sensor recognize the motion it uses local binary pattern histogram (LBPH) and matches his/her face with the data provided in the database. If the face is not matched with the database then he is unauthorised and the buzzer starts buzz ring including the message/mail services to the owners.


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