Study of Converged Infrastructure & Hyper Converge Infrastructre As Future of Data Centre

Shaikh Abdul Azeem, Satyendra Kumar Sharma


Conventional approaches to IT cannot accommodate the business agility, which are challenged to accomplish. Businesses must transform their infrastructure-centric service delivery model to meet the rising expectations of business and extended ecosystem. Converged systems are rapidly gaining acceptance as a way to improve overall business agility and the productivity of IT staff and increase the quality and speed of services delivered to clients. This paper studies about Converge Infrastructure (CI), Hyper Converge Infrastructure (HCI) & about Virtual Data Centers. This paper provides information about CI & HCI, which seems to solve many provisioning problems and act as little islands of capability for ERP, SharePoint, VDI & also act platform for utility computing, grid computing, shared services, SOA or the cloud.


CI, HCI, SDS, SDN, SDDC, VDI, Hypervisor, Private Cloud

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