Survey Of Cyberbulling Detection On Social Media Big-Data

Noopur Tarwani


Opinion mining or sentiment analysis is considered as an important application of NLP (Natural Language Processing). Opinion mining is extracting the views that people express online. Those Websites which permits social interaction and collaboration can be considered as social media site, including networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Such sites offer today's youth a platform for amusement, entertainment, thrill, correspondence and communication with friends and furthermore have developed radically and exponentially as of late. This is the reason, there are various side effects, as cyberbullying has emerged as a serious issue afflicting children, adolescents and young adults. Machine learning techniques have conceivable ability to make automatic detection of bullying messages in social media, and this could develop a healthy and comparatively safe social media environment.


Social Media; Big Data; NLP; Twitter; Machine Learning; Cyberbullying Detection

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