Performance Analysis of Development Time and Effort in COCOMO Using MTTR

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Anshita Singh
DrRaj Shree


In this paper, we improve the software reliability by using COCOMO. As we know COCOMO (constructive cost model) is one of the widely used software cost estimation model. It is investigated as popular model for software cost estimation which depends on several variables like loc (line of code), effort estimation, development time or duration estimation, persons required. In this paper researcher investigates the rate of development time to improve the accuracy of cost estimation and reliability. By this reliability can also improve because at the development time we are going to include MTTR (mean time to repair). By adding MTTR value failure removes from the software and software become reliable. As we know software cost estimation is the process of predicting effort required to develop a software system. Some other models used to estimate cost are SLIM, COCOMO, FP (Function point) [3]. Software time estimation is the process of estimating the time required to develop the software. It supports the planning and tracking of software projects. The formula proposed in this paper calculates the accuracy of the software reliability. As the reliability improves it reduces the chance of failure.


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