Detection & Analysis of Evil Twin Attack in Wireless Network

Vishwa Modi, Chandresh Parekh


Due to increasing demand of wireless internet access open Wi-Fi internet service is available at public places and secured Wi-Fi internet service is available at private/commercial places. Device can connect to any wireless access point by identifying only two identifier - the network name and MAC address of access point. The widespread use of wireless network gives rise of various security threat among which is Evil Twin Attack. The presence of such security threat in network causes significant loss of information. In this paper, we discussed Evil twin Attack and its effect in wireless network. We also discussed various solutions proposed by researcher. We present a very simple solution by considering certain ways of evil twin attack to detect Evil Twin Access Point to prevent attack. We have used RTT and number hops between client and server based technique and de-authentication detection between client and legitimate access point based technique.


Access Point, BSSID, De-authentication frames, Evil Twin Attack, External IP address, SSID, Rogue Access Point, Wi-Fi network

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