An Optimal Ranking Approach for Cluster based of Clicked URLsusing Firefly Algorithm for Efficient Personalized Web Search

Vikesh Shakya, Abhilash Sonker


Research has been finished based on query development to link the gap between terminology of user search query and documents related to user in order to recover appropriate documents before time in search results. In this paper novel approach is proposed which utilizes firefly algorithm for creating the cluster based optimal ranked clicked URLs for efficient personalized web search. The key input query issued for search on the web is used to choose the cluster for recommending the set of terms for query expansion. The process of retrieval of web search results using input query expanded with the selected terms along with the recommendations of next set of query terms for query expansion continues till the search is personalized by the data need of the user. The outcomes exhibit that our proposed work is greatly improved than the existing work.


Web page, URL, Web log mining, Genetic Algorithm, Firefly Algorithm, Web Mining, Data Mining.

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