Cryptography Based Security for Cloud Computing System

Prerna Prerna, Parul Agarwal


In this age of cloud computing, we tend to store data which we need frequently in web based cloud storage services so that it can be accessed whenever we need them. This not only provides an immense amount of flexibility to users but also makes our content accessible to us wherever we are and whenever we need them. We have many options in terms choosing web based cloud storage services for backing and archiving our data. There are many web based cloud storage services available out of which Amazon S3 and Google Drive are immensely popular among users.
Backing up files so that they are not lost is an all-important step to ensure that nothing is ever lost. But, moving to the cloud is itself a big change and there are real concerns that make people pause before they sign up for any such service.
This paper proposes and implements an algorithm which would encrypt the files uploaded on such web based cloud storage services and would decrypt the file once it has been downloaded using the keys that were generated during encryption. This would prevent unwanted intrusion into personal data and lack of standardization, i.e. one service provider may have end-to-end encryption while others do not.


Cloud Computing, Encryption, Decryption, Standardization, Cloud Storage

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