An Provision For Workflow Scheduling using Round Robin Algorithm in Cloud

prachi Chaturvedi, Dr. Sanjiv Sharma


Cloud computing has grown very rapidly and now a days it become a very attractive computing paradigm which main aims to provide the end users with directly transmit the computing power anytime. The data centers of next generation goals are to design them for providing power in the form of virtual services (application logic, hardware, database, user- interface, and so on). It enables the users for deploying and accessing the applications at an efficient cost. In cloud computing, there are three recent fields of developments such as distributed computing, grid computing and parallel computing. Workflow scheduling is a method of discovery the proficient mapping of workflow tasks to the appropriate resources so that the implementation can be accomplished to convince objective criteria. The objectives of scheduling a workflow task are different for different application. Workflow application can be executed in cloud computing environments in utility-based fashion. In this paper author is using improved round robin algorithm in workflow has been implemented for increasing the scalability, less memory consumption.


Cloud Computing, Workflow, Improved Round Robin Algorithm,

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