Cyber Security Risks and Challenges in Supply Chain

Om Pal, Vandana Srivastava and Bashir Alam


Traditional data security practices are not much helpful if any hardware or software component of the system is built to send the inner data to outside of the system or leave the back door open for intruders intentionally. This kind of back door entry may be restricted if proper inspection of the network components, monitoring of supply chain steps, history check of network component suppliers is done properly. To address the above issues, there is need of standard cyber security practice frameworks, cyber security guidelines in supply chain management to mitigate the cyber security risks in the supply chain of the network components. In this paper, need of cyber security practice framework, Strategies, Road Map and solutions to resolve the threats of Cyber security in supply chain are discussed and analyzed.


Cyber security in supply chain, Cyber security risks in supply chain, cyber security practices, cyber security risks.

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