Analysis of Swarm Intelligence Optimization Techniques Used in MANETs: A Survey

Heena Rani, Jasvir Singh


WANET is a Wireless Adhoc Network, in which central access point is needed to interact with other nodes. In WANET there are various limitations like it has high bandwidth, more energy consumption, sometimes routing is not secure, sometimes packets are loss. So , to overcome the limitations of WANET, MANET is come which is highly flexible, Scalable and more secure. MANETs are the Mobile Adhoc Network in which nodes are communicating without any centralized control. In this various routing algorithms are used for the optimal solution like AODV, DSDV, ZRP, OLSR etc. They are used for providing heuristic solution for the problem. But they are not suitable for metaheuristic problems. To improve this drawbacks of MANETs routing protocols new nature based Swarm Intelligence Optimization techniques are introduced like ACO, PSO, ABC, BFOA, CSO and GSO etc . In this nodes are directly communicate with each other and they are Self Organized Techniques. In this paper we describe the various Swarm Intelligence Optimization techniques and Survey of these techniques, on the basis of survey some research issues are given in this paper. This paper also provides the Comparison of these techniques and conclusion of the overall paper.


MANETs, Swarm Intelligence.

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