An efficient non-local approach for noise reduction in natural images

Arti Singh, Ram Singar Verma


The ambition of Noise reduction in image is to retrieve the genuine image from a noisy image and also a demanding problem for researchers. Non-local means uses the averages weight of neighborhoods pixels, where weight depends on self-similarity concept of these pixels. Basically, most of the algorithms for Noise reduction in image assuming Gaussian noise but in some example, others noise existing like X-Ray contains Poisson noise. In this paper, we proposed a Noise reduction method using non-local means for Noise reduction in image .In the first term; proposed a new technique noise removal set of rules based totally on a nonnearby averaging of entire pixels in the image. In the second term; to put effect and compare the proposed scheme the use of numerous metrics including MSE, SSIM, PSNR etc. with improving performance than a traditional algorithm with reducing complexity.


Noise reduction, Non-local means algorithm, MSE, PSNR, Poisson Noise, Gaussian Noise, Impulse noise etc.

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